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Ask yourself these questions:

Why do Projects fail?
What can I do to have a project succeed? (Below is what you TELL YOUR BOSS)

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  • Don’t have Under-Commitment for a CRM Project
  • You must have Senior Executive Attention
  • There is no success with a Part-Time Attitude
  • Recognize Champagne Dreams but a Beer Budget
  • Don’t pick the wrong Technology Partner(s)
  • Beware of Buying Technical vs. Sales Process Expertise
  • Expecting to Just Add Water is a Part-Time Attitude
  • Don’t Avoid the Human Side of the Equation
  • Avoid The Fear-of-Change Syndrome
  • Not Having Executive-Level Buy-in will doom a project
  • Plan on attending Formal Training with Employees
  • Accepting Less Than 100% User Buy-in is a No-No
  • Backing Off at the First Sign of Problem doesn’t fix a Problem
  • Don’t Assume that Done is Done – continue to improve and train
  • Don’t forget to Plan Enhancements/Upgrade

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